Worship Teams

My grandmother Rotha Eden introduced me to music. She had been a church pianist who played the Methodist Hymnal in stride piano style. After many years of piano, I began playing cello in the sixth grade and guitar as a senior in high school. My attempts at rock guitar were abandoned for several years after I became a Christian, but I soon found the instrument was useful to accompany Christian songs of praise. As a cello major in my first (failed) attempt at college, I took music theory and learned to sight sing. Even though I lack professional music skills, I have never given up on music, and today play cello with the Florence Symphony and guitar and bass with various Christian praise bands. I also still love the old hymns, love the retuned hymns of Reformed University Fellowship (Indelible Grace Music), and have in fact begun composing new hymns ala Keith and Kristin Getty and Stuart Townend.